Automatic Drip Irrigation System for Garden

Summary:Whether planting vegetables or growing flowers, watering is an almost daily task. When your garden, the vegetable garden...

Whether planting vegetables or growing flowers, watering is an almost daily task. When your garden, the vegetable garden has reached a certain scale. This becomes a burden. It is even more difficult to handle things if you are away from home for a while and you are not at home for a while.

From rookies to senior farmers, watering tools are also advancing with the times. When the vegetable garden is a small piece. It is also fun to go home from get off work every day and water it by hand.

The slightly larger garden was too lazy to add water back and forth. Connect a water pipe and install a shower faucet. The water in the faucet spouts out in various forms, which feels quite cool.

The garden is getting bigger and bigger, and it takes more than an hour to water each day, which is not fun. Install a Sprinkler, and once the faucet is turned on, the whole garden is covered.

This irrigation system allows water to fall from the sky, just like it rains. When the vegetables or flowers in the field are still small seedlings, the effect is good. But once the flowers and trees grow up, the weather is hot, and the water is most needed, the problem comes: the tall plants facing the shower will block the shorter plants behind; and most of the water comes to the top of the plants. Then drip. A lot of water evaporates in this process. This problem is particularly evident in our cornfields. The corn near the shower is taller and fuller than the middle. In mature flower beds, there are scattered trees and shrubs, and the flowers and grass there have similar water shortage problems.

It's time to install a drip irrigation system. The main feature of drip irrigation is to directly put water droplets on the roots of plants, allowing water to penetrate little by little. Therefore, the efficiency is very high and water saving; the above-mentioned problems of using the shower are all solved. Not pouring water on the leaves also avoids the occurrence of some mold or other plant diseases. Plus a timer, you can achieve automatic watering.

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