Expandable hose Greatly Increases Work Efficiency

Summary:Gaozhan's new design expandable hose is mainly used for watering gardens. At present, the length and thickness of the ge...

Gaozhan's new design expandable hose is mainly used for watering gardens.

At present, the length and thickness of the general water pipes are fixed, which is troublesome to use when watering gardens, because when the watering place is far away from the water source, a longer water pipe needs to be used. Before and after use, the water pipe needs to be manually unfolded and retracted for storage, which wastes time, brings inconvenience to the staff, and also affects the work efficiency.

In order to solve the above problems, Yuyao Gaozhan provided a new design expandable hose.

The invention is realized by the following technical scheme: the novel telescopic water pipe is characterized by comprising an emulsion inner pipe and a high-strength wire braided outer pipe, wherein the high-strength wire braided outer pipe is sleeved outside the emulsion inner pipe to form an inner and outer double-pipe structure.

When water passes through, the latex inner tube can be extended by 2. 5 to 3. 5 times, and at the same time, it can expand, but limited by the diameter of the braided outer tube woven by external high-strength wires, the diameter of the latex inner tube after expansion is slightly smaller than the diameter of the braided outer tube; After the water source is closed, the latex inner tube automatically shrinks to the original length, and the braided outer tube shrinks correspondingly, and is folded after shrinking.

Compared with the prior art, the invention has the advantages that the elasticity of the latex inner pipe is utilized, so that the water flowing time is automatically prolonged, the water source is automatically contracted when being closed, the time for manually collecting the pipe is saved, the labor efficiency is improved, the protection of the braided outer pipe is realized, and the service life of the water pipe is long.

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