Gardening Tools Help You Create A Perfect Lawn

Summary:Beautiful lawns are one of the most desirable features of gardens all over the world. Here are five practical tips to he...

Beautiful lawns are one of the most desirable features of gardens all over the world. Here are five practical tips to help you build a perfect lawn.

1. Pruning

Regular mowing of lawns is essential because it can make the grass grow thickly. About pruning skills: a small amount of pruning and frequent pruning are better than a large amount of pruning. Switch the direction and mode each time you cut grass, so that the straw will not be pressed in the same direction. In midsummer, it is possible to leave the grass a little longer because it is more drought-tolerant.

2. Fertilization

Pruning the grass will cause the grass to lose nutrients, so it is necessary to supplement nutrients to ensure the fastest growth rate of the grass. Therefore, as soon as spring begins, you should fertilize the lawn every four or five weeks. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are essential.

3. Water

If you want the lawn to be lush and green throughout the summer, watering is essential. How often the lawn needs to be watered depends on the temperature and humidity. When the grass needs watering, it will begin to show a blue-gray tone, and the old leaves of the plant will begin to curl up or wither. If you have just sown a new lawn, you usually need to water it once a day so that the seeds can germinate and grow strong roots.

4. Weed Control

With persistence and the right skills, you can defeat weeds in the lawn. A large number of weeds can be eradicated by mechanical methods. Small weeds should be removed by hand scarifiers and should be used frequently to disturb them and prevent their growth.

5. Loosening and ventilation

Grassroots need air to breathe and grow. The sediment concentration of lawn soil is usually not enough to make grass roots get enough air, which leads to slow growth. You can poke holes in the lawn with a digging shovel and fill them with coarse sand. This allows water to flow away from the surface and also provides oxygen to the roots.

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