How to Use PVC Hose Better?

Summary:What affects the use time of pvc hoses? When PVC hoses were put on the market, scientists found through a series of expe...

What affects the use time of pvc hoses? When PVC hoses were put on the market, scientists found through a series of experimental analysis that the hoses could be used for up to 50 years. However, the actual use time showed great differences. Some could be used for 70 years, and some could be used. It took twenty years to have problems. So what are the factors that affect the use time of pvc hoses? Finally, after careful experimentation and analysis, the scientists got the following results.

1. It is closely related to the surrounding environment where pvc hoses are used. It is the most suitable working environment, five to sixty degrees above zero is the best. If the operating environment temperature is below zero or more than seventy degrees above zero all year round, such a harsh environment will seriously affect its service life. Therefore, if you use PVC hoses outdoors, you must take good care of the hose insulation measures, such as wrapping foam, cotton cloth and other anti-freezing materials on the outside of the hose to extend the service life of the PVC hose.

2. It has a lot to do with the installation method of pvc hose. Generally speaking, in order to ensure that the hose is less affected by external thermal expansion and contraction, and to ensure that the hose is not damaged by various external forces, professionals suggest that it should be buried under the ground as much as possible.

3. Correctly handle the joints of PVC plastic hoses, which can greatly extend the life of PVC hoses. Gaozhan Plastics Company recommends that if you want to connect two sections of hoses, you should use a special hard glue for the connection.

At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the following points:

①Clean the joint parts of the hose;

②The glue is evenly applied to the joints of the hoses;

③After the hoses are connected, all the overflowing glue should be wiped clean to avoid losing the original pressure strength due to the softening of the glue.

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