New Design Expandable Hose Is An Anti-Static Option

Summary:In the actual production process, in the process of material transportation, whether it is an ordinary rubber hose or a ...

In the actual production process, in the process of material transportation, whether it is an ordinary rubber hose or a Teflon hose or a silicone hose, there is a phenomenon of frictional electrification of the material on the pipe wall during the transportation process, and the electrostatic adsorption medium The fluid filled on the inside of the hose will firmly adhere to the inner wall of the hose, which will hinder the fluid transfer.

However, the danger is the static electricity generated by the outside of the new design expandable hose. In the case of high humidity, the generated static electricity rapidly moves into the water molecules with high conductivity in the air, but in the dry environment in winter, the static electricity generated can only accumulate on the surface of the resin. Then, through the air, the accumulated static electricity is all transferred to the easily conductive body or object. This phenomenon is the phenomenon of "discharge". The electro-optic light generated by the discharge can even be clearly seen in dark places. If it is close to items with high flammability, it will cause a major accident such as a fire. Therefore, we must not despise static electricity, especially for some chemical companies.

So, how should the electrostatic problem be solved? As long as there is friction, static electricity will be generated, so it is impossible to avoid static electricity. However, we can solve problems like "more static electricity". Just make a special channel for static electricity. The new design hose is the most suitable choice for the timely release of static electricity.

New design expandable hose color: transparent, ivory spiral plastic reinforcement

Temperature range: -20 °C / +100 °C, short-term resistance to 120 °C

New design expandable hose features: Polyether polyurethane wall, with shock-resistant rigid PVC spiral reinforcement, smooth inner wall, spiral texture on the outer surface. Lightweight, super wear resistant and excellent resistance to twisting. Resistant to most chemicals, static electricity can be discharged through the grounding of spiral copper wire.