PVC Hose has Excellent Weather Resistance And Can Be Used Outdoors

Summary:Where do pvc hoses need to be used? What is the general purpose? Understand the purpose of the hose, we know the product...

Where do pvc hoses need to be used? What is the general purpose?

Understand the purpose of the hose, we know the product characteristics of pvc hose, the characteristics of pvc hose have the following points:

1. The PVC hose is light in weight, and the pvc skeleton part (reinforcement) and soft material are all transparent. The medium in the tube is clear when used in agriculture and industry.

2. The superior low temperature resistance of PVC beef tendon pipe is unmatched by any other pipe material.

3. Good weather resistance, not affected by any season of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Fourth, the bending radius is small, and the bending is free (4 inch tube bending radius 40cm).

5. Good resistance to negative pressure, and there is no phenomenon of collapse, breakage, delamination, etc. in the PVC tendon tube.

Uses of pvc plastic hoses: water supply and drainage media for agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, irrigation pipes for landscaping, water supply pipes for engineering buildings, and irrigation pipes for vegetable nurseries. The pvc plastic hose is not only needed for industry and agriculture, but also for household use. It has a wide range of applications and is an indispensable transmission tool for water transportation.

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