The Economy of PVC Hose is An Important Reason Why Many People Choose It

Summary:What are the characteristics of PVC garden hose? Today I will show you the characteristics of PVC garden hose: 1. It has...

What are the characteristics of PVC garden hose? Today I will show you the characteristics of PVC garden hose:

1. It has a very beautiful appearance and bright colors. Users can choose different types and different colors according to their needs. At the same time, this hose is very clean, hygienic and convenient in use, so it is widely used in the packaging of medicines and cosmetics.

2. The inside of the hose basically excludes the oxygen in the air, which can effectively prevent its deterioration when used for packaging food. In addition, due to the discharge of gas, the heat conduction inside it will be faster, which can effectively sterilize the packaged items, and at the same time can avoid the gas caused by thermal expansion and contraction when heating is used for sterilization. Expansion damages the container used for packaging. Its performance can be used for long-term preservation of food to ensure that it will not deteriorate even if it is left for a period of time.

3. Packaging with this material is not only very convenient and easy to carry, but also can reduce the cost, and is relatively economical. Even if you squeeze the whole body with you, it can restore its original shape within a period of time and maintain its original beautiful appearance. At the same time, its economy is also an important reason why many people choose it.

4. PVC garden hose has better high temperature resistance performance and obvious energy saving and consumption reduction effect; fiber composite reinforced hose, silicone fiber reinforced hose, industrial plastic rib hoseFR/PP-R are used in hot water systems, and the normal use temperature can reach 95~ 100 ℃, not only increases the temperature of the medium used, but also reduces the thickness of the insulation material, and its comprehensive interest is lower. Large water flow: Under the same level of pressure, the wall thickness of FR/PP-Rhose material is thin, increasing the inner diameter of the hose material, thereby increasing the water flow (increase 20% composite reinforced LSCM solid wall hose and radical PVC hose Material comparison.


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