Both Domestic And Foreign Trade of Garden Tools

Summary:Garden Tools, as an indispensable tool for planting flowers, trees, and protecting greenery, are now becoming a highligh...

Garden Tools, as an indispensable tool for planting flowers, trees, and protecting greenery, are now becoming a highlight of the hardware city market. Hedge shears, folding saws, grass shears, shovel, trimmers, flower rakes, etc., a dazzling array of garden tools are on the stage, and Gaozhan's garden tool industry has also formed a boom in domestic and foreign trade.

1. The demand in the foreign trade market is large and demanding

The garden tool industry is an export-oriented industry, most of the products are for export, and the main consumer comes from home gardening and public greening. Among them, Europe and the United States are the world's largest consumers of garden tools. However, although the foreign garden tool market is much more mature than the domestic market, it is not easy to achieve considerable sales abroad.

"The European and American markets have large demand and considerable profits, but they have extremely stringent requirements for product environmental protection, energy saving, and safety. Many domestic garden machinery products with high technical content are developed and developed in response to the harsh market access conditions in Europe and the United States." Wang Min, who has been engaged in foreign trade sales of garden tools for many years, told reporters.

2. Innovative products seize the domestic market

The high barriers to entry in foreign markets have led many companies to tap the potential value of the domestic market.

The domestic gardening supplies industry continued to develop steadily. Various data show that the domestic garden tool market is rising rapidly, and garden tools are no longer playing foreign trade monologues. The demand for high-end garden tools in Chinese families is increasing day by day. In order to meet market demand, many manufacturers strive to make their products simple and practical, and pay more and more attention to technology in the selection and structure of parts.

Nowadays, science and technology are becoming more and more advanced. Only by constantly innovating and developing convenient and practical products can garden tools gain a foothold in the market. Many domestic enterprises and units require garden tools no longer to be usable, but to pursue convenient operation and energy saving. This consumption concept promotes the garden tool industry to gradually develop in the direction of branding, high-end and specialization.

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