Technological Process of New Stainless Steel Hose

Summary:The advanced fully automatic drying tunnel has obvious changes in appearance and shape, which is characterized by small ...

The advanced fully automatic drying tunnel has obvious changes in appearance and shape, which is characterized by small floor space, high productivity of New design expandable hose, stable performance, energy saving and high degree of automation, and has naturally become the first choice for equipment buyers. The following is a concrete analysis by comparing the original baking tunnel with the advanced baking tunnel in the existing market.

1. As far as the material is concerned, the original drying tunnel mostly uses Ai Mian board as thermal insulation material, which occupies a large space, has relatively low thermal insulation performance, high thermal conductivity coefficient and large heat loss, which is also a factor that causes the high energy consumption ratio and high power of the drying tunnel designed by our company. However, the material of the new drying tunnel has also changed greatly. Generally, it is made of ceramic fiber board, aluminum silicate board and other materials with better thermal insulation performance. The inner wall of the drying tunnel is also treated, and better thermal insulation effect is achieved by spraying thermal insulation coating. After these changes, the overall dimensions of the drying tunnel are effectively controlled by the compensator, the space is used more reasonably, the performance of the corrugated expansion joint becomes more stable, and naturally the temperature accuracy is basically guaranteed.

2. With the change of heating mode, many original drying tunnels, including the initial entrance, all adopt the upper heating chamber structure, which conflicts in heat transfer cycle theory. Under normal circumstances, hot air flows upward naturally, and cold air is supplemented downward, thus forming convection in a specific space. However, in the original hot air circulation mode, the barrier and energy consumption of hot air circulation are increased in the invisible nonmetal compensator, and the temperature layer effect is obviously a fatal defect for both temperature and accuracy. At present, the new drying tunnel adopts the heating mode at the lower part of the heating chamber, which can not only reasonably utilize the self-circulation of hot air nonmetal expansion joints, but also reduce the power of the stirring fan to meet the required air supply output.

3. The change of structural design, the original drying tunnel is generally assembled by integral heat insulation board, but now the drying tunnel adopts sectional heat insulation material and combined structure, and the new drying tunnel has been clearly separated into inner and outer bladder expansion joint structure, so as to better prevent the heat loss caused by heat transfer of metal hose and facilitate the maintenance, maintenance and relocation of equipment. The partition heat insulation door is also changed from the original external connection to the whole internal opening and closing type, or the air curtain door formed by hot air convection is reasonably used for temperature subsection control, thus avoiding the heat loss caused by air leakage in the hot air gap of the heating chamber and providing a greater guarantee for energy saving of the drying tunnel.

4. The change of conveying mode, the original drying tunnel generally adopts the whole one-line chain conveying mode, while the conveying chain and track in the middle part of the heating chamber will form cumulative displacement error due to thermal deformation and other factors, resulting in door position jamming. At present, metal compensators are connected by subsection conveying in the new drying tunnel with long stainless steel hose in line, which not only avoids thermal deformation, but also ensures the operation stability of equipment.

I believe that by comparing the structure and performance of the new energy-saving metal hose drying tunnel, we find the defects of the autogenous design. Through our efforts to improve, we can accurately calculate the air volume and air pressure of the hot air circulation, the saturated heating amount and the heating space, and then reasonably select the heating source with corresponding power, and the energy consumption ratio can save 25%-30% of the original power. Will be able to catch up with foreign leading technology level in the same industry. The points mentioned here are for reference only. Please understand and tolerate the shortcomings.